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Leather New Yorker Style Helmet

Made by the Cairnes Helmet company of New York City around 1920.

Made by the Cairnes Helmet company of New York City around 1920. The New Yorker is the traditional fire helmet that is still used by many firefighters. It was used by a captain in the Chicago Insurance Fire Patrol (captains helmets were usually red; firemen usually wore black helmets. Chiefs wore white helmets). The Fire Patrol was an organization paid for by Insurance companies to protect merchandise in burning buildings and to provide coverage for broken windows and breached roofs following fire to protect the contents of the buildings. The patrolmen were equipped with axes, brooms, fire extinguishers, and a variety of tarps. They went to fires in major commercial structures with the municipal fire department, but concentrated all their efforts in retrieving merchandise or covering it with tarps. Most large American cities had insurance patrols from the 1850s through the 1950s. The Chicago Patrol was disbanded during the 1990s. The New York Fire Patrol, the last in existence, was dissolved about 2005.