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Seagrave “Junior” Aerial
Pirsch “All-Power” Aerial
Ahrens Fox “Quad”

Gallery IV

Gallery IV displays several classic pieces, in addition to an extensive “hands on” fire safety” exhibit and a display of over 4,000 arm patches from all over the world. Visitors use a print out to locate the arm patch from their home town. Prominently on display is a fully restored Ahrens – Fox “quad” fire engine from River Forest, Illinois that helped fight many huge fires in Chicago. The quad has led the Fiesta Bowl Parade for over 30 years. The gallery also includes two aerial trucks that are in original condition – a rare attribute for historic apparatus. The first is a 1937 Pirsch aerial truck from Kenosha, Wisconsin; the second is a 1938 Seagrave “junior” aerial truck from Staunton, Virginia.